How To Make Most Of Your Time, Traveling In Java Island

Indonesia is rich in various natural attractions. Where when you visit to this country so you can find some tourist attractions that are not less intereting with foreign countries. Not only that in Indonesia there are also still some indigenous Indonesia tribes. Even today there are still some islands in Indonesia that maintain the authenticity of their tribes.

The Best Things You Can Do If Visit Java Island

One of the islands in Indonesia which is very suitable for making an island on vacation is Java Island. Because Java Island has some cities have tourist destinations that are very interesting and must be visited. One city that has many tourist destinations is the city of Malang. If you live in Semarang then you can use travel Semarang Malang.
Besides the city of Malang you can also do some of these activities to spend time while at Java Island. The best things you can do when visiting Java Island is:

1. Admire the beauty of Borobudur temple

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Borobudur is the only temple in Indonesia that belongs to the wonders of the world. This is beacuse Borobudur temple has a beauty that is second to none compared to other tourist attractions.
Borobudur temple is located at Magelang, Central Java. A little advice, if you want to go to this temple then you must come in the afternoon to be able to enjoy the beautiful sunset in Borobudur temple.

2. Learn to make batik in Yogyakarta

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Batik is one of the motifs of clothes originating from Indonesia precisely from Yogyakarta city. Even the beauty of batik cloth has been recognized by the international fashion world. For those of you who want to study how to make batik so you can come to Yogyakarta city. Because this city is the biggest batik producing city in Indonesia.

3. Enjoy a romantic night at BNS (Batu Night Spectacular)

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Enjoy a romantic night with your partner while on vacation certainly be a dream by everyone. If you want to enjoy this then you can go to BNS (Batu Night Spectacular) by using travel Semarang Malang. In this place you can sit back and relax with beautiful view that comes from lantern lights of various shapes.

4. See the beauty of the sunrise at Mount Bromo

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Beautiful sunrise view not only you can get in Bali island but in Mount Bromo you can also enjoy this matter. Even though to reach the top of Mount Bromo you must take a long journey and also tiring but the fatigue will be replaced when you have reached the peak. To enjoy the sunrise on Mount Bromo then you must start climbing at 3 or 4 am.

5. Enjoy the underwater beauty in Karimunjawa

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For those of you who want to enjoy underwater beauty so you can visit to Karimunjawa located at Jepara, Central Java. Besides enjoying underwater panorama, you can also enjoy some water rides such as diving, surfing, and many more.

Well, thats was some tourist attractions that you can visit on the Java Island. But if you come from Semarang and want vacation in Malang then you can use travel Semarang Malang.

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