The History of Wrestling Sports in Indonesia is Short and Most Clear

One of the most popular sports for men is wrestling, however, female wrestlers are also in this sport.

In this sport a wrestler will rely on muscle strength and also various kinds of wrestling techniques in order to control and paralyze his opponent.

What is Wrestling?


If the opponent is locked, then chances are he will get the chance to win this match.

At first glance this sport is almost similar to other martial arts because both rely on physical strength and shrewdness and dexterity in dealing with and deflecting enemy attacks and of course must master the techniques used in this wrestling sport.

The techniques used in the sport are in the form of techniques of locking, pinning, throwing, clinch fighting, take downs and many other wrestling techniques that can be used in matches where each technique has rules that must be obeyed about what parts can and should not be attacked and this rule must be obeyed because if you attack a vital part of your opponent it can cause serious injury to death.

History of Wrestling Sports in the World


Historically, this wrestling sport has long been a part of the sport in the world, which has existed since before Christ.

The technique of sports wrestling was found in ancient Egyptian times as a martial art technique that was demonstrated by the findings of the relief about the struggle of his time.

Wrestling has become an important part of western history in ancient times.

Wrestling became a technique that the military had to have in its time as a martial arts capability that was known at that time as an ancient Greek and Roman wrestling technique. Besides that wrestling was also part of the western lifestyle at that time.

Various matches and wrestling Olympics are often held and first occurred in 1896 in Athens with the technique of Greek – Roman wrestling.

The popularity of this sport continues to grow with its wrestling techniques which are increasingly varied in each region.

In the western nations, at that time there were many established wrestling schools, also known as Palaestra.

In China, wrestling has become one of the sports in its subjects. The third wrestling Olympics was held at St. Louis, United States in 1904 with freestyle wrestling technique, also known as “as catch can” technique.

While the next Olympics was held in 1904 in the United Kingdom, as well as the host. At this Olympics, two wrestling techniques were competed at once namely the Roman – Greek technique and the as catch can technique.

Various other wrestling Olympics were also held by making international wrestling rules given the resistance of the European nations to England’s victory when he hosted due to a lack of uniformity in existing wrestling matches.

History of Wrestling Sports in Indonesia


Whereas in Indonesia itself this wrestling technique has also existed since ancient times and has a different name in each region.

The wrestling technique that is owned in each region in Indonesia has its own unique technique which all comes from a combination of martial arts, culture and others.

Before World War II, this sport was very popular which was once brought by the Dutch nationals who entered Indonesia.

Until now the position of wrestling was still popular as a sport in Indonesia even though its position was almost displaced by other martial arts carried by foreign nations such as Sumo, Judo from Japan was one of them.

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