What is a Neo Angle Shower Door?

The neo angle shower door is a brand-new concept in shower doors. A regular shower enclosure has doors that ride parallel to the back wall of the shower. The neo angle version trips parallel to the corner and is indicated mostly for a corner shower stall. This kind of enclosure is a modern yet modern style of enclosure that can bring new life into your old bathroom. They come in a variety of designs such as framed and frameless which give them an even higher modern appearance. These can be utilized as a totally free standing stall or as an enclosure for your existing tub.

Some use this design of door as a replacement for their old enclosure. This is not possible if your old enclosure is a square unit given that these are normally rounded or at least curved. Your replacement doors should be of the same style as the old ones in order to ensure a better fit. Costs for a brand-new enclosure is a little bit more than for replacement doors. Obviously the rates depend mainly on the design, style and maker of the neo angle shower door and the size as well.

Frameless Doors


These bathroom shower doors come in framed or frameless doors. Framed doors, naturally, have a frame around the glass where frameless have rounded edged glass with a magnetic strip that is used to seal the doors closed. Any of your regional merchants need to be able to better notify you of these functions so you are ensured of getting the seal you desire. A neo angle shower door is available in either clear glass, frosted glass or glass with an engraved style on it. The frosted and etched glass is the most popular since it offers you more privacy while bathing.


Your restroom is one of the most important spaces in your house. It should be decorated in the exact same style as the rest of your home such as a modern or modern style. The neo angle shower door fits both modern and contemporary designs in its style. They are ideal for practically any bathroom decoration and can provide your restroom an entire new look. Don’t overlook to consider your tub when selecting your neo angle shower door. If you have a round or octagon tub, these doors are the best match for your tub.

Neo Angle Shower Door


If you are considering a neo angle shower door, you ought to speak to a professional or a minimum of your local retailers to get their ideas. They can provide you specifics about any of the restroom items they sell and can even assist you with some they do not. A few of these doors will have to be purchased, particularly if they are custom-made made so make certain you bring the measurements of the shower opening so they make sure to get the best suitable for your bathroom. If you have a little shower stall, your neo angle door will need to be bought due to the fact that they usually follow basic sizing for all shower doors.

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