Recognize 8 Facts About the Trophy Hunting, Hunting Animals for the Human Ego!

Animals are belong to their natural habitat. However, what happens if these wild animals are hunted and killed by irresponsible humans? Especially if the purpose of hunting is just for fun and hunted animals are protected endangered animals?

Yep, that’s hunting trophy. In short, trophy hunting is done by humans for entertainment or recreational purposes. This activity was criticized for making wild animals dead in vain, only for human selfishness. If you are not angry, you are not paying attention. Check out the facts about hunting trophies, let’s go!

1. What is a hunting trophy?

As the name suggests, trophy hunting is an activity of hunting wild animals and treating them as trophies. In a sense, there are certain body parts from animals that are made as trophies. For example, the horn section, horn or ivory. Usually, male animals are hunted more because they have larger horns, horns or ivory sizes.

2. The results of the hunt are displayed in a special room called the trophy room

After being hunted and killed, what will the animal do? Usually, hunters will take certain body parts to store and display in a room called a trophy room. Meanwhile, the meat of the animal carcass will be eaten or thrown away.

There are hunters who only keep the head of the game, but there are also those who keep their bodies intact. The animal’s body will be preserved and then displayed in a special room. For hunters, a trophy room is a pride and a sign of success. Hunting weapons are usually placed in the same room.

3. There are farms that are made specifically for hunting

Not all trophy hunting is done in the wild. There is a special place that is designed so that humans can hunt animals legally. It’s called ranch hunting. This is a special farm where animals are deliberately bred, then hunters can do trophy hunting after paying some money.

Some animal species that are bred include deer, sheep, deer and so on. Because many of these species are endangered, the United States government requires a tax of 10 percent of the cost of hunting for the conservation of these animals in their natural habitat.

4. Africa is a ‘paradise’ for hunters to do hunting trophies

As a natural habitat for various wild animals, Africa is a ‘paradise’ for hunters to do hunting trophies. According to a study sponsored by the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), estimated income from trophy hunting in countries in the African continent in 2008 reached US $ 190 million.

Historically, the first hunting trophy in Africa was carried out around the 1960s. The trophy hunting business attracts large-scale tourists and foreign investors.

There are claims that the trophy hunting business helps poor local people, but there is no evidence of this. The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation said that only 3 percent of hunting trophy profits were donated to local communities.

5. Hunting is also carried out in the northern American continent

Not only Africa is a favorite location, trophy hunting is also often done in the northern American continent. Different geographical location, of course different animals are hunted. At this location, the most hunted are pumas or wildebeest. In fact, this puma is an endangered animal.

Ridiculously, rather than encouraging puma conservation, some states such as Colorado, Utah and Washington actually encouraged puma hunting. The local government argues that puma hunting can reduce human and livestock conflict and increase the native deer population.

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