Bandung: Exploring ‘The Paris of Java’

Bandung, additionally called Parijs van Java or ‘The Paris of Java’, is a progressively preferred getaway just a few hours far from Jakarta. To now, there are many elements that make the city deserving of this honorific. From style to nature, keep reading to find Bandung, ‘The Paris of Java‘.

Paris van Java is not a fabricated slogan created by the local government to increase tourist. Actually, the label was made preferred almost a century earlier during the colonial period. Some mapped the name to a Dutch business owner that first developed the term to aid market his goods. Parijs van Java was after that learned and also repeated by others, including European tourists who witness the city’s class.

Style Mecca

Much like the initial style resources of the globe, Bandung was also a facility for the cultivation of craze and also style. Records and also individuals’ heritage recommend that the high society in Bandung showed tremendous passion and also excitement towards arts and also modish patterns.

Compared with any other communities in the Indonesian island chain, Bandung was most likely one of the most trendy region back then, lined with fashionable boutiques and also haute couture shops, when numerous other societies were still living commonly. Even then, most of the fashion modes and fads were ‘imported’ from none apart from Paris itself.

Bandung still stands as modern Indonesia’s kiblah for style. Although style scenes and markets have developed in various other cities like Jakarta and Bali, Bandung is still house to lots of labels, manufacturers and developers. Holidaymakers from neighboring cities like Jakarta would not leave Bandung before obtaining some stuff from its numerous, many fashion outlets. Try Cihampelas Road or the ‘pants street’ for some good-bargain fashion products in Bandung.


Paris’ impact over Bandung does not stop with style. During the early 1900s, most buildings in Bandung were built with Art Deco as an architectural referral. These buildings include the popular Savoy Homann Hotel and also the famous De Vries Building, which was the city’s first chain store. Beyond Art Deco, the majority of heritage structures in Bandung show European influences in design, including the neoclassical and even Gothic style.
The easiest way to enjoy Bandung’s distinctive and ornamental design is to stroll by Braga Street, which was among the old city’s facilities of world. Numerous structures on that particular road are shut for organisation or have actually been repurposed, however their facade is still amazing to observe.

Already, architecture is a popular aspect of the city’s growth. The current mayor, Ridwan Kamil, is a designer that has huge plans for the city’s grand design. He directly developed brand-new, cool areas while still keeping and highlighting the heritage buildings with sustaining environments.

Natural Appeal

Coming before Bandung’s growing art and society scene is its glorious natural landscape. It has a mountainous topography that offers the city magnificent natural surroundings and much cooler weather, compared to other cities in Java, Indonesia. Those natural and geographical qualities were what first attracted the Dutch homesteaders to the city and also made them choose to develop as well as develop it. The cooler environment was deemed better for Europeans.

Also today, brand-new all-natural tourist attractions are still being discovered as well as developed. Several popular establishments in Bandung– hotels, restaurants, cafés, art spaces as well as even more– strive to accomplish an equilibrium between architectural radiance, trendy layout and also relaxing natural sights. So, lets make your

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