8 Causes of Autism in These Children Must Be Beware Before It’s Too Late

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental and neurological disorder. This disorder starts when a child is born and lasts a lifetime. Autism itself affects children’s social interactions, behavior and communication.

Children with autism will have difficulty expressing both face, gestures, words and motor skills. They also have a tendency to do the same thing over and over again. Even so, the exact cause of autism is not known, it could be due to genetics or the environment.

On World Autism Day, April 2, let’s improve our concern for people with autism. One of them is knowing the cause. Reporting from Healthline, the following are among them!

1. The cause of autism itself is uncertain, it could be due to genetic and environmental factors

Until now, researchers have not found the cause of autism. Reporting from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), it could be genetic and environmental factors that cause autism.

2. Genetic causes are caused by having a family tree that has autism

A child has a higher risk of developing autism if he has relatives who also suffer from autism. This family line does not have to be direct or close, but if there is a family who has a history of autism, it is more likely to appear in the offspring.

3. It can also occur in identical twins who have the same genetic makeup

If one of the identical twins has autism, it is possible that as many as 90 percent of their twins will suffer from autism because children who are identical twins tend to have the same gene.

4. Babies are born prematurely

Babies born prematurely, precisely before 26 weeks, are at greater risk of developing autism. This is found in many babies born prematurely and less than the normal delivery time in general, 9 months.

5. Having male sex

Apparently, autism tends to be more common in men than women. Men are at risk five times more likely to develop autism than women, this is evidenced by the data available and the number of autism sufferers recorded.

6. Having certain diseases

Body disorders, such as tumors in the brain, nervous system disorders, and epilepsy increase the risk of autism in children. As many as 10 percent of children with autism have these disorders, this is evidenced by existing data regarding children who have autism and also have body disorders, such as tumors in the brain.

7. Age of parents who are old when giving birth to children

Apparently, the age of parents also increases the risk of children born with autism. The older the age of parents during pregnancy and childbirth, the greater the risk of children experiencing autism, therefore it is recommended to have children at a certain age because giving birth in old age besides being more dangerous also increases the risk of children born in conditions that autism.

8. Take medication for pregnant women

Consumption of certain drugs in pregnant women is also at risk for autism in children. For this reason, try to consult a doctor if you are taking medication while pregnant.

Further causes of autism are still under study. If you have relatives who have autism, embrace them so that they can be accepted by the community, huh. They may be different, but we must accept them as ordinary human beings.



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